ok I actually think this is the saddest part of the movie. Ursula is singing all about how she’s “helped” people,and shows the story of these fine folks. The boy wants to be stronger to attract the girl, and the girl wants to be thinner to attract the boy so they both sell their souls but theY WERE ALREADY IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER AND IF THEY ONLY TOLD EACH OTHER HOW THEY FELT THEY COULD HAVE BEEN TOGETHER LIKE COME ON WHYYY

Letter from the Heart

This is just a letter I wrote amidst a realization that I don’t mean as much to someone as they mean to me. To be able to let go, I needed to let them know everything I’ve kept bottled up. But, of course, I’ll never send it to them for the same reasons that I’ve never told him how I’ve felt. So here it is. Just a piece of my heart for the world to see. 

A Letter from the Heart

I understand what’s going to happen once you know this, and I accept it, but I just can’t move on until I get this all out and let you know.  I’ve spent the last four years fighting this, bottling it in knowing how insane it was, but I just can’t think straight anymore.  I’ve held on for too long waiting for my crazy, late night dreams to come true.  Honestly, I’ve tried just about everything to take my mind off you, but you always found your way back.  You’ve always made me laugh.  That’s one of my favorite things about you, but these days I find the smiles come with pain.  I think back and try to replay the moments, what I could have done differently, but life has gone on and I have to stop wishing on the past.  I’m sorry I never told you sooner.  I’m sorry for not taking a chance when I had it.  I’m sorry I’m not who’s meant to make you happy.  I really am.  I’m sorry I’ve always been too shy and too scared to tell you that you’ve always brought the biggest smiles to my face, the biggest dreams to my head, and the craziest feelings from my heart.  I’ll always remember you and all the memories—even the stupid remarks you always made.  I’d hoped our friendship wouldn’t jumpstart all the held back feelings, but it has.  So I’m afraid I have to say goodbye.  It’s not easy to do so, but it’s the only way to let go.  I’ll always miss you, and I thank you for all the smiles that I can hold on to.  I hope I gave you a few that you can think of if you ever miss me too.  Just don’t completely forget me, okay?  Thanks for the memories.

Love always.

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Seven Things The Movies Forgot About Ron


Book Ron was an interesting, attractive and relatable character, and I feel that the movies really unfairly relegated him to the position of comic relief. The dynamics of the trio had to be simplified into hero + heroine + mascot, and that robbed us of a truly fascinating…

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We all know the acceptable answer to this question.